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Owned and operated by Immaculate Heart Media, Inc. BOSS RADIO KHJ 1966. If I have to start a new tape to just put on one or two clips, they will have to wait until the next trade. He once was the gm at KROQ. Drake hired Jacobs as KHJ’s program director, Robert Morgan for mornings and Don Steele afternoons. Don Steele (not to be confused with the personality of the same name that was heard for many years on KHJ in Los Angeles) can be heard spinning the stacks of wax amid authentic static on "Hello Radio". About our survey contributors. A. John to the realm of TOP JOCKS! Thanks Pat for all the years of great entertainment, and terrific airchecks! C60 & CD Composite: Covers the highlights of Pat's career at CKLW, WKNR, WPLJ, WNEW-FM, and WCBS-FM. 6 Jan 2020 Anyone who grew up in '60s or '70s Los Angeles knows KHJ. Paul) Radio Stations, Some Recorded Off The Air by Rick Burnett and Many Others Recorded or Provided by Other Contributors to This Site (see footnote at bottom). May 18, 2015 · 7-8 am hour+ from the Robert W. Their airchecks survive, as does a deep gratitude on the part of everyone privileged to have heard the Boss of the Bay  KHJ 1972-12-31 Big 93 of 1972 Robert W. Jack Jackson. IP is 74. I'm looking for unscoped airchecks from the following stations: 1470 WLAM Lewison, Maine 1970's through early 1980's. - GARY MACK The primary function of REELRADIO is archival and educational. But, the most important story behind KHJ, Los Angeles: Boss Radio Forever is not me. 9 K-Hits” rebranded itself as “Eagle 96. I believe Boss Radio KHJ deserves to be remembered forever. ID: Los Angeles CA Format: top 40 "Car Radio 93 KHJ" Note: Airchecks features a montage from KNX-FM's previous years before the debut of the new top 40 format. Don Steele, Actor: Gremlins. Then they closed the park and turned out the lights. KHJ Inside Boss Radio - Kindle edition by Jacobs, Ron, Carol M. ’s Coolest AM Radio Station, Is Basically a Background Actor in “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” • A virtual museum of recordings – airchecks – focusing primarily on radio’s top-40 heydays, though there is a smattering of other material, ReelRadio is my guilty pleasure. Sep 23, 2013 · In September 1997, shortly after a sale from Bonneville to Nationwide Communications, Classic Hits-formatted “96. 1 Sep 2011 And KHJ-AM, KLAC And KWNK. Everything that WABC was in NYC, KHJ set out to serve that role in Los Angeles. I really loved this aircheck. Following the unprecedented success of this legendary broadcast, Jacobs left KHJ later that year. Meaning of aircheck. The contest d'jour is KHJ Safe Cracker, and even the losers get tickets to the upcoming KHJ Jimi Hendrix concert! These warm and wonderful airchecks of RDS on KHJ always have some classic promos, voiced here by Robert W. What’s important is that radio station in Hollywood. Airchecks are recordings of radio stations. If we get more of good quality, we'll post them! Mike Phillips, August 1973 (source: Gary Tompkins) Mike had his roots in Drake style Top 40 radio having been one of the original DJ's at KFRC/San Francisco. GARY'S RADIO AIRCHECKS CALIFORNIA AIRCHECKS. Enjoy the full SoundCloud  30 Dec 2010 The clip above has the on-air jingles for all of KHJ's DJs, among them Robert W. 2016-03-02T14:47:36Z. Robert W. , the station broadcasts Roman Catholic religious programming as an affiliate of the Relevant Radio network. com They have plenty of airchecks available of KFWB (and KHJ and KRLA) from back in the day. [ Missing songs #49 to #38]. Here is your opportunity to get “Morganized,” with the 93KHJ aircheck from the first week of Boss Radio in Boss Angeles. by: 93 KHJ Airchecks. 2,550 likes · 13 talking about this. If you want to hear the greatest cookin’ jock to ever crack a mike in the heyday of top 40. Early radio airchecks of Allan Freed, Landecker, Dees, Lujack, Greaseman, Dan Ingram, Imus, Charlie Tuna, Real Don Steele, Kenny Everett, Gary Burbank THE BASEMENT TAPES 2-Hour Audio Program; Instant Download! Remembering the best days of Top 40 radio! The Disc Jockeys, The great radio stations and studios from around the country, when radio was the media king. The only problem was that this longtime professional journalist lifted numerous photos and audio clips from this site, claiming them as his own. 93/KHJ became Boss Radio in spring 1965 under Bill Drake and Ron Jacobs. Why Remember Boss Radio KHJ? Is the business of radio programming the same or similar as it was 50 years ago? No, not at all. Having grown up listening to KHJ,I can tell you,the format change to Boss Radio was late April of ’65(officially May 5th,after the KHJ “sneak preview”was over). ROSS, Eva: KHJ, 1974 and 1976-77; KIKF, 1980-90. The KHJ format was distinguished by fast-talking jocks, a limited amount of commercials, a cappella jingles by the Johnny Mann Singers, a Top 30 playlist instead of a Top 40, and the promise of California Airchecks - all Los Angeles and Los Angeles area except KHJ, KRLA, and KRTH-FM call letters KL to KZ Please Look For A Special FREE Offer At The Bottom Of This Page!!! “Boss Radio”BOSS GOLDENS Jingles & Disc Jockey Airchecks 93/KHJ Los Angeles Actual Broadcast Recordings 12 Compact Discs! Hello and welcome to my aircheck trading page! I am a collector of radio airchecks and this page shows the items I have. Some Airchecks have true treasures, such as a few from KHJ which announced two tickets to a Jimi Hendrix concert as a “consolation prize” for a radio contest! *WWIN,Baltimore. I first heard him on KGIL-AM, and strained to listen AIRCHECKS. 2013-05-22. Click here for Rock-it Radio - around the clock broadcast. It’s remarkable to think that 40 years have passed since Bill Drake and Ron Jacobs put switched KHJ to a Top 40 outlet. RADIO AIRCHECKS — KHJ IN LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA (11/26/71) tylerdperez October 28, Airchecks. Don Steele was born on April 1, 1936 in Hollywood, California, USA as Donald Steele Revert. com I'm an aircheck collector interested in trading with others. Nashville / Memphis / Louisville / St. The Johnny Mann Singers made classic jingles for KHJ and many other stations including KFRC, CKLW, WHBO, KFWB, K-Earth, and WOR. Thank you, KYA. Jul 24, 2019 · Our friends at Fandango shared this fun (if not exactly true to life) map of the filming locations from Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood with the help of location manager Rick The Popular Southern California Rock DJ before he went to KHJ Boss Radio - KBLA was not as powerful as the leaders of LA at the time as KRLA, KHJ and KFWB as it's signal was vastly weaker at 1500 AM - This CD also, includes a bonus track of 20 minutes of Machine Gun Kelly @ KHJ from 24 March, 1974. Kelly & Charlie Tuna-May, 1977 July 4, 2013 It's Charlie Van Dyke's last day on 93KHJ in Los Angeles as he moves on to Dallas in May of 1977. Morgan about you several years back. KHJ Los Angeles, Jingle composite from the ’60s. The Pavek Museum of Broadcasting has a tremendous collection of antique radios and other broadcasting memorabilia including TV. Definition of aircheck in the Definitions. Just like your favorite radio personalities, the Boss Jocks really made an impact. com for Airchecks, bios, pictures and more! CFCF Blackman 5/25/81 60 Minutes Un-Scoped You will be sent a download link after payment is made. Like There was a California Aircheck offers current radio airchecks from all across North America, video radio airchecks shot in the studio of America's top stations and classic top 40 airchecks form the 50s to the 80s. A DJ once said that KHJ was the place where "when Charlie Van Dyke cuts himself shaving in the morning, he bleeds coffee. K-Lakes went. - ROBERT W. My guess is a complete version will not be up here too much before November of 2001. net dictionary. From 1988 to 1993, he hosted the  30 Mar 2018 Cat Simon, KHJ Los Angeles, March 23, 1973 (Unscoped). during the peak of its “  This pastiche of airchecks from several different sources follows KRLA's time, giving in to the inevitable wave of "more music more music" at rival station KHJ. KMET Radio Series Vol. For example, KHJ was a Top 40 station,  The Real Don Steele on KHJ AM 930 Los Angeles, September 11, 1968. 1974 Don Steele being very, very hip and groovy on KHJ in 1969. I may have shared this story before, but I remem ber one cold winter night picking up KFXD 580 Boise, KFRC 610 SF, KGW 620 Portland, KFI 640 LA, all playing top40 and all crystal clear. they still do! Via lots of terrific airchecks some of us collect, KHJ and you guys still live!!!!! Rare radio airchecks of Allan Freed, John Records Landecker, Rick Dees, Larry Lujack, The Greaseman, Dan Ingram, Don Imus, Charlie Tuna, The Real Don Steele, Kenny Everett, Gary Burbank. It's Charlie Van Dyke's last day on 93KHJ in Los Angeles as he moves on to Dallas in May of 1977. KHJ 1973-02-02  6 Jun 2019 Although Miller held stints with at least 19 stations throughout his life, he made his biggest mark at KHJ-AM (930) in L. J. Scoped airchecks are shorter in length and do not include musical performances. This would include  21 Aug 2017 Bill Drake's KHJ was amazing and should probably be on this list. For thirty years The Real Don Steele ruled the Los Angeles airwaves, most notably on 93/KHJ “Boss Radio” in the 60’s and 70’s. Scoped 90 mins of "The Breeze" Reunion Weekend with Herb Oscar Anderson Los Angeles KHJ KRLA. May 01, 2019 · In 1965 the two joined forces in building powerhouse KHJ in Los Angeles into a much-imitated godfather beacon for a number of Drake-formatted Top-40 stations — and legions of copycat rockers all over the country. Nov 29, 2019 · As well, another AYBCS reader shared around 8 hours of pristine KHJ '71 airchecks. This history of KHJ is well documented… in Ron Jacobs book, and in aircheck form on reelradio. mp3. 225 on Apache/2. I do have LOTS of airchecks to add, such as from a number of trips: Airchecks. All the good stuff from the real ’60s is there — KHJ radio, 75-cent movie theaters, margaritas at Casa Vega — and all the ugly realities are pushed to the background or erased entirely Thanks to aircheck collectors and radio fans, we have airchecks of WXLO/99X from 1973 until 1980. Airchecks capture the essence of a radio station's sound. " KHJ once had a contest where if you counted the number of times Ringo Starr's hits were played one weekend and were the first one to the station with the correct answer, you won dinner for two with Ringo. Our focus is Top 40 radio from 1955 to 1989. 5 in Alliance. Seriously, 93/KHJ really was the soundtrack of my life growing up in the San Fernando Valley of the 60's and 70's. Radio Luxembourg Jack Jackson. Williams. Morgan show, 93 KHJ Los Angeles, CA October 18, 1968 airchecks for trade. KHIP CA 10/12/85 A-FA89 a KHIP CA 10/12/85 A057 b KHJ CA A057 b KHTT CA T023 a KHWY 9/10/96 T085 b KING-FM 9/1/97 T077 b KINK 8/30/97 The Real Don Steele was a true radio legend even on other days of the week besides Frackious (sp) Fridays. What a show sounds like when you do show prep. Morgan, Mark Elliot and The Real Don Steele. Apr 29, 2015 · Celebrating 50 years of Boss Radio 50 years ago, that KHJ (930 AM) set the radio world on fire with a Top 40 format called Boss Radio. 68 WRKO Boston, MA Late 1960's through early 1980's. She was an enormously liked broadcaster, colleague, and a friend to all in the Orange County community. When the gig at KHJ ended, you wanted to stay in the land of palm trees. com Website: khjfm. Site title of www. A collection of airchecks (off the air recordings) of many historical radio stations, primarily in the San Francisco Bay Area from the 1960s to 2000s, by Mike Schweizer (1953-2011), esteemed legend of radio and engineering. Com, a virtual museum of radio airchecks focusing on top-40 stations across  4 Sep 2019 It turns out the producers happened across hours of KHJ airchecks from the era, and they became the musical and cultural glue that helped  airchecks for trade. Airchecks - By Call Sign. KHJ (930 AM) is a commercial radio station that is licensed to Los Angeles, California. (#811041) Contains twelve 90 minute airchecks, commercials are scoped out, but announcements and IDs The Real Don Steele, KHJ Los Angeles, July 4, 1968/June 15, 1968 (Restored Unscoped) by 93 KHJ Airchecks Genre Pop Comment by George Johns 3. WEBE 108 Westport, CT Any through 1990. 2007-July. This scoped aircheck features the Boss Jock Oct 15, 2013 · I'm on the Board for the Tennessee Radio Hall Of Fame, working to preserve the history of radio in Tennessee. See the tracks which feature here. Some recordings contain entire broadcasts and some have only DJ patter and a few jingles. Jun 10, 2019 · Seems as if a wealth of these airchecks exist, and it's really just a question of happening upon them. G. He passed away on August 5, 1997. Download Radio AirChecks and Jingles 1960\'s-2003 torrent or any other torrent from Audio > Music Direct download via magnet link. M. These airchecks became more common with the advent of commercial cassette Classic Top 40 Radio Airchecks via Real Audio, with comments and descriptions from contributors and the curator. 001 & Vol. com show what the Steele became nationally-known as a DJ on radio station KHJ in Los Angeles, where he helped to promote the "ultrahip" top-40 Boss Radio format which began at 3pm on April 27, 1965. 128kbps. , but didn't last long. Billy Pearl first appeared on the survey in September 1974 and he worked the 6PM - 10PM shift for appx one year. 4/02/2014 7:53 AM Jul 29, 2019 · Before all the characters of Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood meet, they are united by one thing: listening to KHJ Boss Radio, an AM radio station based in Los Angeles. I was present, standing to the right of Mr. 1 May 2007 Woody Goulart's Boss Radio 93/KHJ Los Angeles KQV old logo (red/yellow) Dave Burton's Hal Murray's Militia Airchecks  Old KHJ airchecks, of course! September 13, 2008 at 5:14 PM · Ray Randolph said No problem, Michael. He also appeared on TV as host Boss City and The Real Don Steele TV Show, a show which ran from 1965 to 1975 on KHJ-TV channel 9 in Los Angeles. Amazing what you could say back in the day. In 1906, Reginald Fesseden made the first audio radio transmission, playing a record of a contralto singer performing Hendel's Largo. E. It's an overview of the nascent Boss Radio format intended for prospective  29 Jan 2015 93 KHJ L. Kevin McKeown, mayor of Santa Monica, had another life before politics. WDGY, KDWB, KFWB, KRLA, WLS, KHJ Hit record surveys, surveys airchecks, oldies, disc jockeys and station histories, 1950's, 1960's, 1970's, links to WQAM, WABC, WMCA Apr 07, 2020 · KHJ 93 Los Angeles – KHJ News – Allen Maul – April 29 1965 – Radio Aircheck. radio stations of the time: KHJ, or Boss Radio. Date (YYYY/MM/DD) Start Time Disk Jockey Duration (min) Scoping; 1949: 1949/11/15 It was so popular, many radio stations adopted the format, and many others copied it. 002 Buy Them Now from beatlebobby59 on ebaY ~ Coming Soon You’ll find you like some Airchecks better than others as each person has their own taste in music, DJ presentations, and news of the day (t are a lot of reports from the Viet Nam war). Aug 28, 2019 · The movie’s soundtrack was playing in the background, which in addition to the music tracks also includes KHJ/BOSS Radio airchecks featuring L. A Tom Shovan Audition Tape. Jul 29, 2019 · Tarantino and his longtime music supervisor, Mary Ramos, listened through 14 hours of original KHJ airchecks from 1969 to set the perfect tone…and the result is…well, a bit emotional. Sneak Preview Of Boss Radio KHJ Los Angeles April 1965 This aircheck features the debut of Boss Radio on KHJ-AM in Los Angeles from April of 1965. Paul Burnett, Roger Day, Noel Edmunds From the KHJ 25th Anniversary Live Event, a listen to early Boss Radio promos. He was married to Shaune McNamara Steele. links and things. or Ariana Grande After Billie Eilish Sweep Sep 17, 2016 · This is how I used to make airchecks of these guys during this same time era. 1 Dec 2008 But airchecks of his early top-40 days put him right in the pocket with the KHJ radio guys he admired, like The Real Don Steele and Robert W. Here are three great examples of why most folks think that KHJ Los Angeles circa 1966 was probably the finest top 40 radio station ever. wow great way to bring back memories. KHJ FM - 105. Kidz Bop Kids_ Must Be Santa. The final  on Drake's booming RKO flagship, KHJ. Take a trip back to a time when KHJ ruled! KMET 94. 60 WICC Bridgeport, CT Any through 1988. Owned and operated by Immaculate Heart Media, Inc. com. Morgan. Los Angeles KDAY KEZY KFI KFWB KLAC KROQ KTNQ; Miami / Ft. Publication date  18 Jan 2017 A collection of airchecks (off the air recordings) of many historical Airchecks and Radio Broadcasts KHJ Los Angeles (March 15, 1981). WOLF 1955 A trip through a broadcast day from the collection of Dusty Rhodes, former WOLF announcer and engineer. KHJ. KHJ 93 Los Angeles - Boss Radio Sneak Preview - Roger Christian - April 29 1965 - Radio Aircheck KHJ 93 Los Angeles - Boss Radio Sneak Preview - Roger Christian - April 29 1965 Boss Radio 93 KHJ was THE station to listen to in SoCal in the 1960s, into th THE REAL DON STEELE, KHJ, 1969. 29min. Links to other great radio and oldies sites can be found below. -12 noon - ROGER CHRISTIAN. Jul 26, 2019 · The details for the official soundtrack of Quentin Tarantino's ninth feature film has been revealed. 10 Jul 1966. The film is set in 1969, and Tarantino’s people contacted myself and several other aircheck collectors about a year and a half ago, looking for high-quality, unscoped KHJ airchecks of that era to be used in the film. Greg, in essence you were primarily who may be responsible for my vast interest in Detroit radio airchecks. Morgan, and the Real Don Steele owned the Air Waves, considered the greatest Top  After leaving KHJ in mid-1973, Steele went to success at Los Angeles stations KIQQ, KTNQ, KRLA and KODJ/KCBS-FM. He died on August 5, 1997 in Hollywood. A lot of great talent in this aircheck, loved the paycheck bit and I remember growing up lisitening to the "Chicken Man" I can't believe I heard it again in this tape. " These days? Not so much. What does aircheck mean? Information and translations of aircheck in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. That afternoon, M. m. Recorded by Schweizer over the course of decades, this collection consists Airchexx - Where Classic Radio Lives! Advertisements. Morgan, who would say their piece and get out. I have added a SAN DIEGO aircheck to the page. This page was last updated on September 12, 2019. GARY PFEIFER'S RADIO AIRCHECKS TRADING AREA. Previous track Play or pause track Next track. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading KHJ Inside Boss Radio. February 8, 2020 April 7, 2020 by Alannah. “I think I have good news for Michael Gwynne, whose recent email to LARadio bemoaned the loss of radio as we knew it — and surmised that all we left behind was ephemeral radio signals 'headed to outer space in an undying attempt to entertain other planets. 5: Los Angeles, CA Brother John Ryder A huge part of that was how Tarantino deftly used radio as a device to transport us, specifically with one of the most popular L. Bob Eubanks was a young deejay hired from KACY in Oxnard, California to fill the midnight to 6am shift, where he began to develop his warm, upbeat on-air delivery. Sep 18, 2019 · On a recent episode of the award-winning UK podcast Soundtracking, host Edith Bowman talks with Quentin Tarantino about the music of Once Upon a Time in… Hollywood, using original KHJ airchecks as a period narrator, as well as classic tunes from the Tarantino filmography. 00 | 1: 08:14. The exact date was April 27, 1965. Then there was the case of a former Fort Wayne TV news anchor who authored a very well-written article about WOWO and its past. 1970's through early 1980's RECENT COMMENTS. Most of the BMD crew has now seen (and loved!) Quentin Tarantino's Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, and upon leaving Message from the Mayor. 30 93 KHJ American Greeting Cards Chris Andrews Aircheck List - Candr2112@aol. Morgan, The Real Don Steele and Sam Riddle. californiaaircheck. 360 minutes. Airchecks as heard on ReelRadio. 12 noon-3 p. Magazine: KHJ, L. NEO Airchecks wishes to thank Jerry Coleman of Salem, Ohio for this latest aircheck. Kelly promos the "new" morning man, Charlie Tuna. ONE OF THE TOP 10 ALL TIME GREATS. Thanks to James Knight and Radio Jingles and Airchecks for this CKLW Aircheck…. Dave Diamond was one of the original Boss Jocks on KHJ, but he didn't stay long. WQAM Jingles Needed I am desperately looking for the following WQAM jingle packages: • Ullman “One-derful” Series • Pepper Fun Series • CRC Series 34 Holiday Series • Futursonic Time and Temperature Jingles • PAMS Series 25D “Cheerleaders” - Male Vocals • PAMS Series 17 and 18 - Instrumental Cuts • A 1963 package by a group called the Skipjacks It Nowhere are the KHJ airchecks in this film more appreciated than in the city where they broadcast. 35 min. New York WABC; New York WMCA WNBC WOR-FM WPIX WXLO WWRL; Oklahoma City / Tulsa / Kansas City; Ottawa; Philadelphia / Wilmington. Their airchecks survive, as does a deep gratitude on the part of everyone privileged to have heard the Boss of the Bay when it swung like 60. Don does a live read commercial for a broadcasting school and then ad libs at the close, "And being a DJ is a great way to make more bread and get more chicks. Last day of KHJ. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. com STUDIO BOSS LINE: 541-500-2277 SALES CELL: 541-460-0249 Oct 05, 2019 · On the numerous radio “airchecks” in Once Upon A Time in Hollywood: “With getting these KHJ recordings, listening to them and hearing all the commercials and the deejay patter, These airchecks also feature John T. 93 KHJ Los Angeles | May 3, 1967. I have several of his KHJ airchecks burned to CD and listen to them often while driving. KHJ Los Angeles, “Car Radio 93 KHJ” CHR 9/20/84 30 min. But it wasn’t Station: KHJ "Boss" Radio. KHJ Los Angeles Composite 1970. Nov 07, 2019 · If anyone has a better sounding or actual single version to share in FLAC or 320, or has KHJ airchecks (currently searching for 1971 and '72), please send them to ithinkiknowofthee@yahoo. And, they still make current jingles and lots of them! You may also remember them as a singing group that you heard on elevator music stations. Air checks of WQAM DJs. The voices are  Posted at 03:50 PM in Disc Jockeys, KHJ, Los Angeles Radio | Permalink | Comments (0). This was the promo Mitchell, slowly dying from Hodgkin’s disease, moved his family to Los Angeles and jocked as “Bobby Tripp” on Drake’s booming RKO flagship, KHJ. From the time KHJ debuted it’s Top 40 format, until the early 1970s, KHJ was the most listened to radio station in So-Cal. Jackshaw appears as the guest DJ from the University of Houston. Lauderdale; Milwaukee Madison Green Bay; Surveys N-Z. RKO General Corporation gave him free reign at KHJ in Los Angeles in 1965, where "Boss  20 Feb 2016 August 1966 – KHJ – The Gary Mack Show – The Real Don Steele Show – August 10, in the afternoon, you were probably listening to Gary Mack on KHJ – one of the Boss Thank you for this and all of the other air checks! Thanks to aircheck collectors and radio fans, we have airchecks of He then moved to WBLS and WNBC in New York before moving west to KHJ, KMPC and   10 Oct 2016 Thanks to James Knight and Radio Jingles and Airchecks for this CKLW From BOSS Angeles, its the KHJ 25th Anniversary Live Event,  29 Jul 2019 I liked it a lot. Scranton-Wilkes Barre California: Side: Station: City / DJ: Time: Date:Min: CD: Tape * Format: Slogan: Quality: CA: CD: KABC-FM 95. We'll make it a little easier for the folks and give them   6 Oct 2019 Tarantino said using the ads as part of his film's soundscape captured the unique and bygone radio era. Listen to the best Aircheck shows. Ha p p y B i r t h da y to The Real Don Steele. KHJ 1972-12-31 Big 93 of 1972 Robert W. The New York Radio Archive (NYRadioArchive. Louis; New York. Mike Cherry on 20/20 News Digest thanks Jason - it was just one of those days when…; Jason Remington on 20/20 News Digest I like it! Thanks for hitting the highlights, Mike… Jul 25, 2019 · You have picked up your copy of BMD Magazine's Quentin Tarantino issue, right?. 27min. . 30 CDs of Montreal Radio Airchecks Unscoped see list CFCF Ken Dobson 4/3/74 1 CD CFCF Ned Colin 12/12/71 & Jimmy Tapp 4/1/74 1 CD CJFM KHJ Boss 93 Countdown Sep 18, 2019 · On a recent episode of the award-winning UK podcast Soundtracking, host Edith Bowman talks with Quentin Tarantino about the music of Once Upon a Time in… Hollywood, using original KHJ airchecks as a period narrator, as well as classic tunes from the Tarantino filmography. Tarantino himself listened Jul 30, 2019 · Everything from AM car radio speakers, to the way people talked, to KHJ Boss Radio disc jockey airchecks, to TV interstitials, to the rumble of gas-guzzling car engines, added to the perfect Welcome to Dave's Radio Shows Airchecks Dave's Airchecks website updated as of 12/18/19. These airchecks were the only reel to reel recordings that I made at 1. com I can review, retag and replace within 24 hours in most cases. Eva died February 19, at the age of 67. He said there was a palm tree in the lobby of the station in Pittsburgh! It was a pleasure to e-mail you. The Web's favorite site for thousands of Top 40 Fans! Similar tags: airchecks • chicago • dan ingram • howard stern • joe o brien • khj • nyc • poughkeepsie • radio • radio shows • wabc • wcfl • whud • wiod • wnbc • wpdh • wplj • wyny Top tags: sound effects • games shop • service repair manual • yamaha This KFWB Fab 40 Survey is from late March 1965, just a month before KHJ signed on as the new Top 40 station in Los Angeles. " Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for KHJ Inside Boss Radio at Amazon. Diamond, who held down the 6-9 p. You were kind enough to enlighten me on the history of WKNR Keener13, as you were there near the end of the Keener legacy in the early 1970s. Outrageous, electrifying, thrilling – that was Real on…and OFF the air. Stream KHJ Aurcheck, a playlist by OldRoughRider55 from desktop or your mobile device. 19 Apr 2004 After KHJ introduced "Boss Radio" in 1965, KRLA found competing in the format rougher, and You can listen to vintage KRLA airchecks here: Airchecks capture the essence of a radio station's sound. Jan 27, 2020 · Truth be told, there was little to be found in the 2020 Grammy results that could be considered a major shock to those prognosticating these things. It's a countdown show - not  The Real Don Steele sound clips from KHJ airchecks are prominently featured in Quentin Tarantino's Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019) and on its  29 Aug 2015 1965 KHJ Sales Demo narrated by General Manager Ken DeVaney. Image courtesy California Aircheck www. Big Apple Airchecks is proud to welcome our friend Pat St. RKO made the show available to the other stations in their group, narrated by station-specific talent. Jerry Vincent was a personality on several northeast Ohio radio stations during the 1970's and 80's, including Akron's WHLO/640 and much later, WDJQ/92. Danny Martinez. deejays Humble Harve and The Real Don Steele, as Jul 26, 2019 · In a Variety Q&A, Quentin Tarantino's music supervisor, Mary Ramos, discusses the AM radio motif driving "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. “MARK’S GROOVY AIRCHECKS”-93/KHJ, Los Angeles: Charlie Van Dyke, M. 3 MHz PO Box 2575 Albany OR 97321 E-Mail: khjfm@gmx. For instance, coming back to Tarantino again, I read an interview with his music supervisor wherein she said that they listened to 14 hours of KHJ airchecks to get the stuff he wanted for the film. We have remastered and placed on CD's Actual uncut radio shows from the 50s to the 70s. I do consider them little historical documents of their own, and worthy of preservation as such. Morgan on his second last day at KHJ, Los Angeles before his move to WIND, Chicago. 9”, and brought on legendary radio/TV voice talent Charlie Van Dyke to host mornings. One of the oldest known surviving airchecks consists of a 15-minute broadcast by Bing Crosby on Los Angeles station KHJ and the CBS network from September 2, 1931. He is currently the publisher of the LB Report website, which covers important issues related to the City of Long Beach. He executed each movement as Phillips in the sound proof control room, would smash the large button which would set off a buzzer in Engineering. com) features airchecks, articles, advertisements and other documentation about New York radio culled from the air, from journals and newspapers of the day. | Reblog (0). net is Airchecks:Radio:REELRADIO Reel Top 40 Radio Repository. 29 Jul 2019 Tarantino and his longtime music supervisor, Mary Ramos, listened through 14 hours of original KHJ airchecks from 1969 to set the perfect  This aircheck is many worlds away from KHJ and what The Real Don Steele would ultimately achieve, but it is a treasure for all it offers. I asked Robert W. The jock following The Real Don in late ’65 was Johnny Mitchell,NOT Bobby Mitchell!! WELCOME to Ellis B Feaster's Radio Channel & Travel Corner! Feel free to check out some of the many other videos on the Ellis B Feaster's Radio Channel! Established in 2008! You Tube's oldest RADIO AIRCHECK MUSEUM with a NEW VIDEO posted daily at 3PM EST. Come back often to see what's new on the New York Radio Archive as we'll be posting new air-checks and other archival material regularly. This survey was tabulated overall by record popularity appeal, sales, listener requests and record airplays based on the judgement of CKLW Radio. Assorted Airchecks are scoped clips that can run from one minute to 30 minutes. Welcome to my home page! I am a collector of radio airchecks and this page shows the items I currently have in my possession. MORGAN. There's a vast variety of musical genres - standard behavior for true Top 40. Don Steele being very, very hip and groovy on KHJ in 1969. But then KHJ airchecks are my "feet. You made a couple of mistakes in your bio. John Lodge. Jaksha (John Jackshaw). 1380 WAMS Wilmington, DE. Cheech and Chong Santa and the Magic Dust. We were coming to the end of the great AM top40's. Below is my list of tapes & CDs, if you see anything you like, please drop me a line. The Rock-it Radio Ebay Store sells memories. net is Over 3100 classic airchecks. 1966-July 14. Including Inner Sleeve with Aircheck Details. They are recordings of radio programs, highlighting the disc jockey and his presentation, the radio station's promotions and audience builders, and just enough of the music to give you an idea of what was on the station's playlist at the time. 2230. “FAT DADDY” Paul Johnson for 22 unscoped minutes *WWZY, Long Branch, NJ. R. Kelly recalls his enjoyable experience in floating for promotion: "it was just fine for the first 10 hours while I had listeners riding with me. In an unscoped aircheck, all programming is left intact and unedited, including music, commercials, newscasts, jingles and other on-air events. The music was pretty terrific, too. It was probably the first time he was ever on the air. shift at KHJ when Boss Radio launched in April 1965, left after four months for KBTR Denver and then moved to Los Angeles rival KBLA before the end of the year. This is no mere nostalgia trip; Aircheck seeks out some of the more unusual and unpredictable moments and personalities in radio that probably wouldn't get attention anywhere else. 93 / KHJ ~ A PRIL 02 nd 1969. Growing up listening to a Radio where DJ's and the songs were great. Web site description for superjock. " Mark Lindsay! KHJ! Bruce Dern doing the cameo that Burt Reynolds was supposed to do. KLKS-FM (Breezy Point, MN 104. Airchecks of Chuck, including a reasonably MORE GREAT RADIO AIRCHECKS, PAGE 2. Another aircheck submitted to us by Jeff Goodridge is one of WHLO/640 in Akron, again apparently dating from December 1967. This CD contains multiple jingle packages from KHJ, including pre-Top 40 radio KHJ jingles from the early 60's. This site features every KHJ Boss 30 survey from 1965-73 plus additional Boss Radio material from the same period. Radio Airchecks. The first disc shaped records were produced in 1892 when Emile Berliner began producing the first gramophones. Our aircheck exhibits are recordings of one-time radio broadcasts, both full-length and "Scoped". S. A fan favorite during his time at KHJ, his final appearance on the survey came in August 1975. from THE REAL DON STEELE. Grammy Snubs and Surprises: Li’l Room for Lil Nas X, Lizzo, H. This pastiche of airchecks from several different sources follows KRLA's line-up in late 1961. However, most deejay babble really is babble, and with the exception of Howard Stern (who shouldn't count in this context), precious few airchecks have a lot of replay value. 04/08/2020. It opens with WOLF News (open & close), WOLF Scoreboard (open & close), several commercials, most of which were produced right in the WOLF studios with Charlotte Hale as vocalist and Bud Coolican as writer; E. myurko128 Nov 7th, 2015 (edited) 780 Never Not a member of Pastebin yet? Sign Up FILE KHJ 1-1-1974 Top 100 Of 1973 Capt. Once again, an hour of radio ghosts recaptured: once in a lifetime occurances and remembrances (some from WFMU's own archives). KHJ was the Big Kahuna of LA Top 40 radio from the mid 60's to the mid 70's. Bob Gilmore's Radio & Airchecks Want List. Back in 1983, at WNIC. In the first year at KHJ, Kelly set two Guinness Book World Records. Not a Burned CD or CDR >>These are Factory Pressed Sets. Also the opening and closing portions of the show he did on WLIE in 2002. Rock-It Radio Programs Page. CKLW 1974 —MARCH 26— The CKLW BIG 30 hits in Windsor/Detroit. From 1931 to 1950 it would record all the “air checks” from NBC/KHJ Radio Station across the street at 5515 Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles. These are not for sale, but I would gladly trade with other collectors for like items. Thank you both and please take a bow. 9 a. 0. The soundtrack for Quentin Tarantino's Once Upon A Time In KHJ Robert W Morgan 5/28/73 airchecks Unscoped 65 minutes Instant MP3 Download I think airchecks are fine time-capsules, and quite enjoyable as such. AIRCHECK TAPE COLLECTION (in part) Alas, for now this is just a slightly updated rehash of the same list which has been on the old "MarkTime RadioWorld" Web pages since Spring of 1999. on the air in 1984 and through the years included Pavek Hall of Fame personalities Roger Awsumb (WTCN-TV's Casey Jones) and Allen Gray (formerly of WCCO Radio). 3) - Airchecks from the final day of the station on September 3, 2012. Murphy's "run" as KRLA morning man was only from February thru September 1971, but it was very "high impact" and rumor has it that rival KHJ made their morning-drive competitor Charlie Tuna, listen to Murphy airchecks, as KHJ was worried that Murphy just might whip Tuna in the ratings as 1971 progressed. We are removing our fees for every Select subscription for 3 months to help support creators Through all the moves, I still have my collection of KHJ BOSS THIRTY SURVEYS and hours of airchecks. Decca Records Show. 875 inches per second. Lerza as he skillfully manipulated the controls. Streaming Classic Radio Airchecks and Great Weekend Shows! KHJ lineups KHJ (1965 - Original lineup) (Source: Airchecks) 6-9 a. The big question going into the evening was This Site Primarily Contains a Collection of Airchecks of Numerous Twin Cities (Minneapolis/St. We've been busy posting airchecks, stories, and photos from the 1920s to the present on The Official Tennessee Radio Hall Of Fame Community on Facebook, and on The Tennessee Radio Hall Of Fame YouTube Channel. 14 (Fedora) works with 1312 ms speed. He was an actor, known for Gremlins (1984), Death Race 2000 (1975) and Grand Theft Auto (1977). KHJ Los Angeles, “93 KHJ” Oldies 1/31/86 35 min (s) Robert W. Users who like Charlie Tuna AIrcheck 93/KHJ 1970; Users who reposted Charlie Tuna AIrcheck 93/KHJ 1970 These airchecks became more common with the advent of commercial cassette recorders. Another category of airchecks are those recorded "off-the-air" by listeners, using consumer or semi-professional equipment. Mar 29, 2020 · 93/KHJ ruled the Hollywood scene in the late 60s and early 70s while comedian George Carlin pokes fun at "Boss Radio" (1972), Charlie's first day on KHJ (1967), and a rare 17 minute interview with 14-year-old Michael Jackson at KROQ (1973). Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Here's the update on Vicki Cox, who had  Knowingly or not, they entered the wonderful world of airchecks. , 1965 'Boss Radio' Sam Riddle, Robert W. Eva anchored the news at KHJ from 1974 to 1977. There are twelve volumes of these, and you may request an entire volume as is or bits and pieces, as long it fits onto one tape. superjock. its no wonder the Big Eight was Solid Number ONE! its the KHJ 25th Anniversary for KHJ and KRLA. MusicRadio Airchecks -Greatest AM-FM Radio Shows from the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s,2000 on CDs & by Digital Mp3 Instant downloads. KHJ 93 Los Angeles – KHJ News It was the first, produced by KHJ Program Director Ron Jacobs. 2. Download Only from the mind of Bobby Ocean could there emerge "Zork". What a cool thing it must have been to work with the RDS Ken. 207. ' KHJ did a great job, and when 10Q came on it was really magic in L. 7 93/KHJ. 11 Jul 1966. From L. After a lengthy stint at WDJQ, he left the radio business and became a minister. She wrote for the OC Register and was married to Lyle Kilgore. Morgan WAS the promo voice of KHJ… His delivery, his passion and his pipes all added up to that magical audio treasure you can hear right now… It turns out the producers happened across hours of KHJ airchecks from the era, and they became the musical and cultural glue that helped stitch the film together. Rock-it Radio shows Online Using MP3 Format - Every show usually online from 14 to 21 days. MY RADIO STATION AIRCHECK COLLECTION. 243. His KFRC More than 1,300 airchecks from all across Canada and the U. May 3rd 1969 KHJ AM 930 with Sam Riddle, May 3rd 1969. THE SOUND BOOTH If you've got Real Audio(tm) you can listen to a couple of KMET jingles, hear the intro to KHJ's 1976 year-end countdown, plus a few other interesting things. "MARK'S GROOVY AIRCHECKS"-93/KHJ, Los Angeles-ZORK!-1977 . Arnstine, Onondaga Savings Bank, Buckley (Richfield) Petroleum, Search the all of Steve Cichon's staffannouncer. Dec 01, 2008 · But airchecks of his early top-40 days put him right in the pocket with the KHJ radio guys he admired, like The Real Don Steele and Robert W. khj airchecks